The Dangers of Leaving Pets in Hot Cars

The Dangers of Leaving Pets in Hot Cars In Winter Garden, FL

Did you know that an animal can suffer from permanent brain damage or heat stroke in 15 minutes or less as a result of being left in a hot car? Unfortunately, not all pet owners realize this sobering fact and continue to leave their pets behind in their vehicles while they run into the store. “I’ll only be gone a few minutes,” they think. But a few minutes is all it takes for catastrophe to strike.

Risks of Leaving Pets in Hot Cars

Even if your car is a comfortable 70 degrees when you shut it off, it’s possible for the temperature to climb to 90-100 degrees within just 10 minutes. This is obviously an uncomfortable and unsafe temperature for a pet of any size to be exposed to. A car’s interior can heat up extremely quickly, especially on a sunny day. It doesn’t have to be unbearably hot outside for the inside of your can to become a danger zone.

Safer Alternatives to Consider

The good news is that there are plenty of safer alternatives to leaving your pet in your car while you run errands. Consider, for example, having a responsible adult or teenager remain in the car with the air conditioning running while you go into the store. Or, simply leave your pet at home while you run errands.

What to Do if You See a Pet in a Hot Car

So, what should you do if you see a pet in a sweltering hot car? First of all, don’t panic. Look for the owners; if you can’t find them right away, contact your local police. In some states, it’s actually legal to break a window if the pet is showing signs of medical problems, such as heat stroke. However, be sure to check with your local laws before you take this step.

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