Summer Traveling with Your Pet

You may already be finalizing plans for your summer vacation, but what about the furry member of your family? Travel with pets calls for preparation if you want your dog or cat to enjoy the trip as much as you do. Our Winter Garden veterinarian knows you want to keep your pet with you, but they want you to be informed before you hit the road or head for the airport. Vacationing with your pet can be great fun, as long as you do it right.

Winter Garden Veterinarian Talks about Travelling With Pets

You pack a bag with special gear when you go on vacation; you’ll need to do the same thing with your dog or cat. Some of the smartest things to take are:

  • A plastic water bowl for stops along the road. Your pet will need refreshment on hot summer days just like you will
  • Your pet’s favorite toy to keep it distracted and entertained
  • A comfortable blanket that your pet likes to sleep on at home
  • A supply of your pet’s usual food. Changing foods can cause stomach distress, and you may not be able to find your pet’s brand on the road.

Whatever your destination, call your hotel ahead of time to make sure it’s a pet-friendly facility. Places that took animals before may have changed their policies in the past year, so it’s best to check each time you make a reservation.

Pet Boarding in Winter Garden as an Alternative

When your pet and your vacation just don’t make a good fit, we’ve got a great alternative at Winter Garden Animal Hospital. We offer pet boarding, allowing your pet to stay in comfortable surroundings while you enjoy your vacation spot. You’ll enjoy peace of mind, knowing your dog or cat is safe with a veterinarian on call.¬† We treat our pet guests like our own pets, and make sure every visit here is an enjoyable one.

We service pets in Windermere, Ocoee, and the surrounding area. If you’re planning a vacation and can’t take your pet, call our office at (407) 656-4132.

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