Providing a new pet with kitten or puppy care is an extremely important part of becoming a new pet owner. When the need arises, Winter Garden Animal Hospital is available to treat your pet for ailments, provide emergency service, or conduct routine wellness examinations. Here is some information about properly giving your new pet puppy or kitten area and how visiting our animal hospital can help.

Provide Your Pet With A Safe Area

Your new puppy or kitten will fare well in an area where hazards have been removed. Hunker down to your pet’s level to search for potential dangers so you can lift them to areas where they are no longer accessible. Chemical agents like antifreeze, bleach, and vehicle liquids need to be locked in a cabinet where they will not pose a risk to your pet’s health. Items with sharp edges or protruding portions should be covered or removed completely so your pet does not accidentally become injured in their presence.

Ensure You Have The Right Supplies Available

To keep your pet healthy and happy, a few supplies need to be readily available for their use. A kitten requires a litter pan filled with cat litter so it has a location to go to the bathroom. This is important even if you are intending on allowing your pet to go outdoors in the future so it gets used to the location for times when it is going to be kept indoors. Your puppy needs a leash to keep it from running away from your control when you take it outdoors for walks. Pets need a food dish and water bowl kept in the same location in the home. A warm area for sleeping is also needed. Grooming supplies like a pet brush or comb and shampoo should also be kept on-hand.

See Our Veterinarian In Winter Garden For Medical Needs

Your puppy or kitten needs a wellness visit soon after you acquire them to ensure they are not suffering from a medical condition that requires treatment. During well examinations, our vet will weigh your pet to check that it is receiving adequate nutrition. If needed, recommendations regarding dietary changes will be provided. Our vet will also discuss the importance of vaccinating your pet, providing it with microchipping, and spaying or neutering your dog or cat when it becomes old enough.

Call Winter Garden Animal Hospital Today!

Contact Winter Garden Animal Hospital to set up an appointment for kitten or puppy care. Our veterinarian is easily reached at (407) 656-4132. Give your pet the right start with proper puppy or kitten care by scheduling a wellness examination today.