If you own a dog or cat, it is likely you are concerned about their health and overall well-being. Bringing your pet to Winter Garden Animal Hospital in Winter Garden for vet care is an important part of your pet’s maintenance plan. Our veterinarian is ready to assist with quality vet care to keep your dog or cat as healthy as possible. Here is some information about why bringing your pet to a veterinarian regularly is best.

General Overview on Pet Wellness Exams and Preventative Care

A pet wellness exam not only rules out medical problems that need intervention but also help you to keep tabs on your pet’s health on a routine basis. Seeing our veterinarian at least once a year ensures any changes in your pet’s health is noticed in a timely manner so proper steps to remedy conditions is enacted. Preventative care is also conducted at the time of a checkup to help keep your pet from contracting a variety of ailments. This includes parasite prevention and immunization administration. In addition, a veterinarian can assist with spaying or neutering a pet as well as other surgical procedures when necessary. Medication is administered when needed and dietary needs are monitored on an on-going basis.

Benefits of Getting a Routine Pet Exam

If you fail to bring your pet to a veterinarian regularly, there will be no history of your pet’s overall health available to compare against their current condition. Routine visits ensure there is a paperwork trail listing any conditions that require vet care assistance to remedy. Seeing a veterinarian regularly is best thing you can do for your pet so medical difficulties are dealt with before they get worse. Preventative care is necessary to keep your pet as healthy as possible. Immunizations are administered during routine visits to keep your pet safe from diseases.

What To Expect During a Routine Exam

When you bring your cat or dog for vet care, our veterinarian will first ask you questions about your pet’s health and any conditions you have noticed. They will take the weight of your pet and compare it to averages to determine whether your pet is in need of dietary assistance to control weight problems. The veterinarian will conduct a physical exam where they listen to your pet’s heart, inspect their eyes, ears, and mouth for signs of health risks, and feel their body for any lumps present under the skin. They will also evaluate the condition of the pet’s fur. Immunizations will be administered according to a predetermined schedule if needed.

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