How Can You Prepare Your Pet For Surgery at the Animal Hospital?

Your Winter Garden Animal Hospital veterinarian will provide you with specific guidelines to help you prepare your pet for surgery at the animal hospital. This often includes avoiding food and water the night before the surgery, discontinuing certain medications, and preparing your home for your pet’s homecoming after the surgery.

Will Your Pet Have to Stay Overnight After Surgery?

This can vary from one surgery to the next. For most routine surgeries, for example, spay and neuter surgery, you’ll be able to take your pet home the day of the surgery. For more complex surgeries, or for surgeries on older pets or frail pets, it’s often recommended that they spend a night at the animal hospital to recover. Our Winter Garden Animal Hospital veterinarians recommend what’s best for the pet at all times.

Will Your Pet Have Stitches After the Surgery?

The majority of pet surgeries include stitches. The type of stitch used varies by procedure. Some stitches are fully dissolvable and will be absorbed into your pet’s body harmlessly over the weeks after surgery. In other cases, particularly with larger incisions, the stitches must stay in place for around two weeks. At that point, our veterinarian will remove the stitches during a follow-up visit. No matter which type of stitches your pet has, be sure that you keep them from biting or otherwise disturbing the stitches. If your pet is determined to pull the stitches out, ask our vet about a special collar to prevent them from having access to the surgery area.

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