As every experienced pet owner knows, health challenges can afflict any part of a beloved pet — including his teeth and oral cavity. That’s why pet dental care is just as critical for your beloved friend’s well being as any other aspect of veterinary health and wellness. If you’re looking for the right veterinary clinic to provide your pet with a lifetime of dental health, Winter Garden Animal Hospital offers a full range of services to diagnose, treat and even help prevent common dental issues.

Basic Threats to Pet Dental Health

Your pets rely heavily on their teeth as an essential first step in the digestive process. Pets with lots of missing, infected or painful teeth cannot chew their food thoroughly, leading to digestive upsets and possible malnutrition. Unfortunately, animals are just as prone to dental diseases and disorders as their human owners. Some of the most common threats to pet dental health include:

  • Periodontal Disease – Periodontal disease develops in the majority of pets aged 3 and older. This disease occurs when bacteria are attracted to tartar on your pet’s teeth. These bacteria cause inflammation of the gums and connective tissues that hold the teeth in place.
  • Infected teeth – A broken or decayed tooth may allow bacteria to enter its pulp chamber and root canal, causing acute infection and leaving your pet with painful abscesses. The bacteria may spread beyond the tooth to other oral structures or even to your pet’s internal organs.
  • Oral cancer – Several types of oral cancer can afflict pets, including melanoma. These cancers can prove not only disfiguring and debilitating but also fatal if they aren’t caught and treated early.

Dental Exams, Cleanings, and Treatment From Our Winter Garden Veterinarian

Trust Winter Garden Animal Hospital for a lifetime of high-quality pet dental care. Our Winter Garden veterinarian can perform annual dental exams to check your pet’s mouth for any sign of decay, disease or damage. (More frequent exams may be recommended for specific breeds or animals with pre-existing dental problems.) Teeth cleaning under anesthesia let us remove tough tartar buildup to help keep bacteria at bay. If necessary, we can extract a diseased tooth, surgically remove oral cancers and administer other treatments.

But our pet dental care services aren’t restricted to occasional office visits. Your Winter Garden veterinarian can also recommend pet dental products and home hygiene practices to help your pet maintain a healthier mouth all year round. Examples of such pet dental products include pet-friendly toothpaste (we can offer helpful tooth-brushing tips) as well as tartar-control food products and chew toys that can help limit the degree of tartar buildup.

Need a Dental Veterinarian in Winter Garden, Windermere or Ocoee?

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