If you need to schedule some form of pet surgery such as declawing for your furry friend, you should know that the cutting edge in modern pet surgery involves no actual cutting edge at all — just a beam of amplified light. Your veterinarian in Winter Garden provides advanced laser surgery for less pain and speedier healing.

Benefits of Laser Pet Surgery With A Winter Garden Veterinarian

Lasers have been used to perform surgery on humans for decades, and the same technology is just as effective for pet surgery. Your veterinarian in Winter Garden uses it to provide distinct benefits over traditional surgery, including:

  • Less bleeding and swelling – A laser can cut through tissue with extraordinary accuracy, producing an even thinner, finer incision than a scalpel is capable of making. This means that less “collateral damage” to surrounding tissues is sustained in the course of the operation, resulting in less bleeding, bruising and swelling at the incision site.
  • Less post-operative discomfort – Pet laser surgery doesn’t just seal off the soft tissues at the incision site; it also seals off any nerve endings that are severed during the procedure. This allows for a marked reduction in nerve pain and other neuropathy symptoms following the surgery.
  • Faster recovery – Thinner incisions, decrease bleeding from the surgery site and neatly sealed incisions and nerve endings all add up to faster post-operative recovery times. Your pet will be up and be playing again in no time.

Laser Declawing Surgery at Our Pet Hospital

Laser surgery is a good choice for surgeries to exterior parts of the body such as the skin, ears, eyes, mouth and feet. Here at Winter Garden Animal Hospital, our vet team uses laser surgery for all declawing procedures Laser declawing allows your cat to be happily on his feet again the next day.

Interested in Pet Laser Surgery in Winter Garden, Windermere or Ocoee?

If you’re considering pet laser surgery in Winter Garden, Windermere or Ocoee, contact (407) 656-4132 to schedule an appointment at our pet hospital. Our vet team can tell you whether this advanced technique is right for your special friend’s needs! We look forward to meeting with you!