Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding at Our Winter Garden, FL Veterinary “Pet Hotel”

Sometimes there’s no avoiding the fact that your pet simply can’t come along with you on your trip to that reunion, business trip or vacation. You may feel understandably anxious about your pet’s well-being while you’re away, to the point that that you can’t focus on your own itinerary — or perhaps even a bit guilty that your pet is receiving minimal care and attention while you’re staying in a comfortable hotel. Well, we can provide animals with a “pet hotel” of their own, as well as top-quality care, through our dog boarding and cat boarding services at Winter Garden Animal Hospital.

Veterinary boarding has some important advantages over other solutions such as simply having your friend stop in for daily visits and feedings. Animals can get stressed, bored, depressed or upset when their owners disappear on them and leave them alone for days at a time. They need more steady companionship than even the most dedicated neighbor can usually provide, and without it they may exhibit destructive behavior or even try to break out of the house. At a boarding facility, they can get plenty of regular interaction with humans and other animals. Instead of facing entire days of inactivity, our guests enjoy indoor air-conditioned runs as well as a fenced-n outdoor play area. Better yet, there’s no extra fee for extra playtime!

But there’s an even more important benefit to professional boarding at the hands of a Winter Garden veterinarian — constant access to high-quality medical care. This benefit cannot be overstated, especially for pets with health problems that require significant monitoring and medication. If you have a senior pet or an animal struggling with a chronic condition, you’ll rest a lot easier during your travels if you know your pet is being looked after, not just by a well-meaning friend or co-worker, but by a Winter Garden veterinarian on our experienced four-practitioner team, not to mention our dedicated, skilled veterinary staff.

Need Pet Boarding in Winter Garden, Windermere or Ocoee?

Now that you know the tremendous value of veterinary boarding, you know how to make sure your pets receive the best of care even when you can’t administer that care personally. Our nightly fees are $32 for dogs less than 25 pounds and $38 for dogs 26 pounds and over; cats stay for just $25 a night. If you need pet boarding in Winter Garden, Windermere or Ocoee, call (407) 656-4132 today!

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