Serious Signs Your Pet Has Allergies

Your Pet Has Allergies!

Spring and summer are not the only times that your pet is susceptible to the discomfort of allergies. Food, pests, and environmental issues, like the holiday tree or a new type of shampoo could also cause outbreaks. If your pet has dermatological issues or possible allergies, talk to the vet professionals, at Winter Garden Animal Hospital, conveniently located near Orlando.

The Problems with Pet Allergies 

Both humans and pets can suffer from allergies. Typically, allergies cause discomfort in your pet, which may manifest in odd behaviors. An allergy can arise from food or environmental sources, in spring or summer, or at any time. If left untreated, seasonal issues can become year-round problems for your pets.

Do you know the signs your pet has allergies? 

There are some telltale signs of skin issues and possible allergies. Some common signs of a problem are:

Skin irritation and ‘hot spots’

Excessive scratching


Respiratory issues, like coughing and sneezing

Watery eyes

Changes in behavior, such as loss of appetite 

Problems with ears, including odor, redness, and irritation

If you notice these signs, notify your veterinary provider to set up further assessment and testing.

Don’t Delay Treatment, See a Dermatology Veterinarian Today 

See a veterinary that specializes in pet dermatology to prevent long-term issues and illness from allergens that could be lurking in the pet’s environment. Some possible recommendations that your pet’s care provider will make includes:

•Changing your pet’s diet

•Keeping the environment clean and allergen-free

•Giving frequent baths for immediate relief.

Could Your Pet Be Suffering from Allergies? Call Us for Help 

Don’t let your pet suffer another day with the discomfort of allergies. Call Winter Garden Animal Hospital near Orlando, at (407) 656-4132“>(407) 656-4132. We have veterinary professionals with expertise in pet dermatology in Winter Garden. Watch your pet for signs of allergies and see us right away for relief.

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