Senior Pet Care Tips in Winter Garden, FL

Senior Pet Care Tips in Winter Garden, FL

Pets are living longer now than they ever did in past generations, but that means many pet owners are facing the challenges of learning how to care for a senior pet. Older dogs and cats sometimes need specialized care that juvenile and adult pets don’t.

At Winter Garden Animal Hospital we care for an increasingly older set of pets, for two main reasons. Today’s pet is considered more of a member of the family, so owners are more likely to spend additional time and money to help keep pets healthy. In addition, advances in veterinary science mean that fewer pets are suffering from age-related diseases and are, instead, living happier, longer lives.

When is My Pet Considered Senior?

While most pets are thought of as senior when they reach seven years of age, it actually depends on the breed and size of your pet. Smaller pets live longer than larger ones, on average, and cats live longer than dogs. So an average cat would be considered senior at around 11, while a larger dog like a Newfoundland might be senior by the age of five or six.

Preventative Senior Pet Care

Like for all of our pet patients, we consider preventative senior care the absolute best type of veterinary medicine. If your pet is otherwise healthy, we’ll want to see it in our office once a year for a wellness checkup and booster vaccinations. If your pet is showing signs of any type of illness, it’s important that you bring it in sooner. Look for symptoms such as:

  • Unexplained weight gain or loss
  • Lack of appetite
  • Swellings or lumps under the skin
  • Problems climbing or jumping
  • Drinking a lot more water and needing to urinate more frequently

Looking for a Florida Veterinarian?

It’s important for you and your pet to develop a relationship with a caring veterinarian to help keep your cat or dog healthy in its older years. We care for patients in Winter Garden,¬†Monteverde, Windermere,¬†Apopka, Ocoee, and the surrounding communities. Give our office a call at¬†(407) 656-4132 to schedule an appointment today.

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