Pet Dental Care Tips for New Pet Owners

Dental Care Tips From Your Winter Garden Veterinarian

Just like people, good dental health is important to your pet’s health. Certain diseases affect the condition of teeth, but it is also true that poor dental hygiene can affect your pet’s general condition, which can lead to the onset of diseases. Healthy teeth help your pet to get the nutrition he or she needs to maintain a healthy coat, good muscle tone, and a strong immune system. Your Winter Garden veterinarian can advise you on the best ways to care for your pet’s teeth, throughout its life.

Start Good Dental Hygiene When Your Dog Is A Puppy

You should begin dental hygiene when your dog is a puppy to accustom the animal to the process. Daily brushing will help to remove the bacteria and tartar that turns into the hard plaque that sticks to teeth. Human toothpaste has ingredients that are toxic to dogs, so purchase a tooth cleaning product from your local pet supply store that is specifically formulated for animals. Your Winter Garden veterinarian will check your pet’s teeth during periodic physical exams to see if there are any broken or loose teeth that could interfere with proper feeding. The vet may recommend removing problem teeth so that your pet can eat efficiently.

Regular Cleaning Helps To Maintain Your Pet’s General Health

Periodic dog teeth cleaning can help to prevent a variety of dental problems as your pet ages. Cleaning removes the hard plaque that can cause gum disease and loosening of teeth. The process requires that the animal is anesthetized, but you will be able to take your home the same day, after a short rest to allow the anesthetic to wear off.

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