Allergy Care at a Winter Garden Vet

If you thought you were the only one in your household who got allergies, you’d be surprised. Your four-legged friends can also get watery eyes, congestion, redness, and irritation because of allergens. If your pet seems itchy and uncomfortable, you should bring them to a Winter Garden veterinarian to get tested for allergies.

How Do Animals Get Allergies?

Both cats and dogs are susceptible to allergies. Sometimes pets are born like this and other times they get allergies seemingly out of nowhere. Allergens that affect pets include some plastics and rubbers, some insecticidal shampoos, certain fabrics, some cleaning products and perfumes, certain flea control products, and other prescription medications. Your dog or cat may have a reaction to foods like soy, wheat, corn, pork, chicken, or beef. They may also be irritated by cigarette smoke and even feathers.

You may notice that your dog is licking themselves a lot, especially if an area of skin is itchy or reddened. Other symptoms include swollen paws, snoring, diarrhea, vomiting, sneezing, ear infections from itchiness, lots of itching at their back, runny and watery eyes, and scabby and inflamed skin.

How Are They Diagnosed?

Much like we do, dogs and cats will receive allergy testing, often an intradermal skin test. This test introduces the pet into contact with the allergen to see how they react to it. Your veterinarian will change tact if they think it’s a food allergy. Then they will often switch the pet to a hydrolyzed protein diet, which is by prescription only. If, within 12 weeks, allergy symptoms clear up, then it’s likely a food allergy.

How a Vet Can Treat Pet Allergies

With your vet, you can come up with a treatment plan for your allergy-ridden pet. You may have to make some lifestyle changes around the house, like keeping the home clean and bathing your pet more often.

Otherwise, treatments like immune-modulating medications, fatty acid supplements, antihistamines, and allergy injections can often help. Cortisone shots or creams can also be used if these other treatments have failed.

Looking for Allergy Treatment from a Vet in Winter Garden? Come to Winter Garden Animal Hospital

If your pet has been diagnosed with allergies or needs testing and treatment, bring them to Winter Garden Animal Hospital. Our dedicated care towards cats, dogs, and other pets has made us a trusted choice for patients in the Orlando area.

If you’re ready to bring your pet in today, our phone number is (407) 656-4132 and our address is 13092 West Colonial Drive.