It’s Getting Hot Out There: Don’t Leave Your Pet in the Car!

Summer Pet Care Tips From Our Winter Garden Veterinarian

At Winter Garden Animal Hospital, our vet and team provide the compassionate, quality services your pet needs throughout all stages of life in Windermere, Ocoee, and the surrounding areas. From routine exams and vaccinations to surgery, boarding, and everything in between, our Winter Garden veterinarian has you covered. And with the hottest months of the year upon us, this is also a fitting time to review some summer pet safety tips.

Protecting Your Pet From Heatstroke: What You Need to Know

Unfortunately, we see a rise in heatstroke, especially in dogs, around this time of year. Often times, this is caused by pet owners leaving dogs in cars while temperatures are high. Because dogs aren’t able to regulate their body temperatures as easily as humans can, it doesn’t take long being left in a car for signs of heatstroke to develop. Specifically, dogs suffering from heatstroke may exhibit:

  • excessive panting
  • red or inflamed gums
  • lethargy
  • seizures

The best way to protect your dog from heatstroke is to never leave dogs in cars, even if the windows are rolled down and even if you don’t anticipate being gone long. However, if your dog is experiencing signs of heatstroke, it is important that you move him or her into a cooler environment right away and place a cool rag or towel across their neck. Do not douse a pet in cold water, as this can cause a dangerously rapid change in body temperature that can prove fatal. If symptoms don’t begin to subside within a few minutes, it’s time to see our vet team for care.

When to See Our Winter Garden Veterinarian

If your pet is experiencing signs of heatstroke, be sure to contact our Winter Garden veterinarian for further assistance right away. Our team at Winter Garden Animal Hospital provides care to pets in the Windermere, Ocoee, and surrounding areas. You can reach us by calling (407) 656-4132.

How will you protect your pet from the heat this summer?

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