How Are You Preparing for Your Pet’s Surgery?

How Are You Preparing for Your Pet’s Surgery? Tips From Your Veterinarian in Winter Garden

If you’re like us, your pet’s health is one of your number one priorities. It’s the reason why the staff at Winter Garden Animal Hospital has spent nearly four decades developing a highly skilled pet surgery staff to meet all your veterinary medicine needs. From routine spay and neuter to specialized orthopedic care, our pet surgery center in Winter Garden provides exactly what your animal needs to stay healthy and happy.

What Should I Expect During Pet Surgery With My Winter Garden Veterinarian?

It’s important for your pet’s surgery team to understand any special considerations when it comes to your animal, including overall health, age, breed, and the presence of any other medical conditions. Therefore, you should expect our Winter Garden veterinarian to conduct a careful physical examination. This helps to ensure that your pet’s health, safety, and comfort will be maintained throughout the operative procedure.

Depending on the type of surgery your pet needs, you can also expect to be educated on the procedure itself and tips on proper post-operative care (including signs and symptoms to look out for and ways to prevent your animal from licking or scratching healing incisions).

Above all, with our pet surgery team at Winter Garden Animal Hospital, you should expect your pet to be treated in a calm caring environment by people who love what they do–it truly makes all the difference!

Tips For Preparing For Pet Surgery From Our Pet Surgery Center in Winter Garden

1. Always defer to your veterinarian with questions. Never hesitate to call our pet surgery center in Winter Garden with concerns in the pre-operative stage.

2. Keep your pet hydrated with plenty of water. However, you may be asked to refrain from feeding your animal 12 hours before surgery if general anesthesia will be used.

3. If your animal takes medication, continue providing these medications as prescribed, unless you are told to do otherwise by a vet.

4. Consider packing a blanket or crate in the car for comfort and safety when you’re cleared to bring your animal home.

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