Get To The Root of Dog Skin Problems

Dog Skin Problems 

Is your dog itching, shaking, or acting like something is wrong? It is not uncommon for dogs to exhibit behaviors that could signify something going on with their skin. Call and speak with a veterinarian in Winter Garden to learn more.

Learn More About Dog Skin Problems

When treating your pet, the vet will want to get to the root of your dog’s issue, so that it won’t be a recurring issue. Some things that could be causing the problem include:


Allergies could be causing itching behavior, especially if you notice any redness or rashes on the skin. Allergies can be pinpointed by a process of trial and error; that is, taking away specific foods or certain hygiene products until the source is found and identified. The most common sources of pet allergies are food and the environment, i.e. your home.


Another source of skin problems with dogs is fleas. Fleas cause pets to scratch and itch, and the bites can make sores, lesions, red spots, hot-spots, and scabs on the surface of the skin. Fleas suck the blood from your pet, and they carry parasites, including tapeworm. Your vet will offer many ways to treat fleas and prevent skin problems.


Ringworm is a fungus that may cause circular patches on the skin with recognizable red rings around the perimeter. Sickness, low-immunity, and unhygienic living conditions can cause ringworm in pets- and humans!

Seek the services of a veterinarian in Winter Garden. 

If your pet is exhibiting signs of discomfort or itching, seek the services of a vet in the area. Some underlying skin issues when left untreated can cause significant health problems.

Does your dog have skin problems? Call us to learn more. 

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