Common Pet Problems

Common Pet Problems from our Winter Garden Veterinarian

Pets are like children, instructions are not included. When your pet gets ill, you need to decide if your pet is sick enough to stay at home or visit the vet. If you are not familiar with common pet issues, you might need to read this article and familiarize yourself with pet behaviors, and what to look for. Some illnesses and diseases are fatal and need immediate medical attention. However, your quick response can save your pet’s life. Our Winter Garden Animal Hospital in Winter Garden, FL shares some of the most common pet problems.

The Most Common Reasons Why Pets Visit the Vet

If your pet seems less energetic than normal, has a lack of appetite or seems to be losing his hair, there could be several culprits involved. You need to be aware of the different behaviors your pet is exhibiting so you can best decide the right time to bring your pet to the vet for a thorough examination.

Common Conditions in Dogs and Cats and Signs That Follow

Most common conditions in dogs are cats are not life-threatening, but they can make your pet uncomfortable and irritable. Find out what these irritates are from this list of common conditions, that will drive you to bring your pet to our office:

  • Diarrhea- intestinal problems
  • Bladder problems- probably a urinary tract infection
  • Dental disease- could be a sign of periodontitis- could be mistaken for lack of appetite
  • Arthritis- limping, many pets experience with the disease- Often affects the joints
  • Allergic skin diseases- ear mites, ringworms- can be seen through a visual inspection
  • Vomiting- could be due to an upset stomach
  • Skin allergies- fur loss or itching may be noticeable
  • Non-cancerous tumor might be present

Visit Our Winter Garden Animal Hospital in Winter Garden, FL!

While most conditions are common and treatable with medication they can create other underlying medical concerns if they are not addressed in a timely fashion. If your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms or acting, particularly strange, bring your pet to our Winter Garden office. Our urgent care office is equipped to provide a type of emergency pet care service, your pet will need. Call Winter Garden Animal Hospital at 407-665-4132, and schedule an appointment with one of our friendly veterinarians.

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