5 Signs It May Be Time to See a Veterinary Dermatologist

Skin problems may irritate or anger your pet due to the pain and discomfort of itchy, inflamed, or infected wounds on his body. If your pet spends most of his day scratching, biting or licking his paws, tail, or rump, he could be suffering from an allergic reaction or other skin condition. A checkup from a dermatology vet specialist at Winter Garden Animal Hospital will reveal what’s wrong with your pet so he can get him the help he needs.

Skin Irritations that Don’t Heal

Minor skin problems generally come and go with time. A skin irritation that persists for weeks or worsens as time goes by, such as a nasty rash, should be examined by a vet. A vet that specializes in dermatology will be able to provide an accurate diagnosis of your pet’s condition. He’ll also prescribe medications that will provide relief.

Chronic Ear Infections

Recurring ear infections in your pup or kit’s ears could be due to seasonal allergies. Our vet can help determine the cause and treatment.

Toe Masses

Masses that develop on your pet’s toes or nail beds could be a sign of early stage cancer. Elderly dogs 10 years or older are more susceptible to this disease. Have your pet examined by our vet right away to get an accurate diagnosis.

Skin Sores (Ulcers)

Unsightly wounds and sores that leak pus could be skin ulcers. Skin ulcers can appear on your pet’s belly, rump, legs, or other parts of his body. The area around the ulcer may be red and inflamed. Ulcers can be extremely painful. Don’t hesitate to get veterinary care to help your pet recover from this condition.

Allergic Reactions

Food, environmental, and contact allergies can cause symptoms like rashes, sores, crusty skin, or other kinds of skin irritation. By performing a skin or blood test, your vet can determine the source of your pet’s skin problems and make a treatment plan to manage and relieve allergic symptoms.

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